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Helping medical practices cut costs and increase profits through cost-effective medical billing services.
Preferred Medical Billing, Inc., we provide custom and comprehensive medical billing services that will reduce your practice's administrative costs and increase your profitability. You'll benefit by exploiting our state-of-the-art expertise in electronic claims processing without the need for you to purchase any hardware, software, maintenance or training. With our services, you derive all the benefits of new technology without the cost, hassle or headaches.

We'll Save you Time & Money by:

  • Reducing your Paperwork
  • Reducing your Filing and Follow-Up Headaches
  • Reducing your Re-Files
  • Reducing your Claim Payment Time to less than 10 Days
  • Reducing your Accounts Receivables
  • Increasing your Cash-Flow
  • Increasing your Income

Preferred Medical Billing has over 25 years of experience in quality, professional, and cost-effective billing services for just about every type of medical practice.